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  • By Jeremy Ellis Well we had a chance to grab a good meal and get a measure of sleep on Sunday night after a full weekend of action in Moriches.  I know Mike is busy getting after the highlight video so here I go closing things up with the last 4 championship game recaps. After the remaining 4 adult games squared away the seeds for the mens division, we were back to the medal games with the Squirt Platinum Final.  Mission Black Ice 00 had the #1 seed after a high scoring round robin that saw th

  •  By Casey Wedge Wrapped Up in BuffaloWhile shutouts were the theme for Friday and Saturdays games, the Sunday games wrapped up the weekend in a very different fashion. We’re always doing our best to keep games on time and keep everything running smoothly. When games are running a little late you’re not the only one frustrated. However, when we’re slightly behind schedule because of games that come down the dying seconds and games that are too close to settle in regulation, it’s a much

  • By Lonny Lovins As we head toward the twilight of this tournament here in Victoria, the competition has heated up.  Each game is becoming more competitive than the last.  The kids brought it early in the day with their close games, and the adults have been finishing it strongly by showcasing their skills and drive.  Each division has tested my ability as a tournament director to calculate all of the goals against, head to head, and goals for to insure that everyone is where they should be. 

  • By Jeremy Ellis Saturday is in the books and I am finally able to catch my breath after the first wave of championship games today.  All together we have 8 final games taking place this Sunday.  Hope you like the picture attached to this blog.  Longtime Black Ice Coach Aaron Weiss just had a new baby boy, Brody.  Look out for him to be earning medals sometime in the near future! Since Casey touched a bit on the Hawks - Kings game from last night in his Buffalo blog, I will add on just a bit.

  •  By Casey Wedge Saturday’s Theme: ShutoutsWith the Los Angeles Kings on the brink of elimination in this years run for the cup they tied it up, 2-2, with just over 9 seconds to go. Definitely the fastest game of the series and it really sucked some people in. We had a good-sized group who were all done playing for the night and stuck around for a while waiting to see how the game would unfold.The theme throughout the weekend has been shutouts on top of shut outs on top of more shutouts.  Th

  • We are in the middle of a very busy weekend with 3 tournaments taking place simultaneously.  I’m here in BC with Lonny Lovins as my sidekick while Mike Vickerman and Jeremy Ellis are in Long Island, and Casey Wedge and Itan Chavira are in Buffalo.   From the updates I’ve glanced at online it looks like the other two tournaments are going very well. This is my first time visiting Vancouver Island.  I’ve heard it’s beautiful and Gerry St Cyr has been telling me for years that I need t

  • By Casey Wedge Mid-Day from Buffalo On this foggy morning in Buffalo, Peewees and Bantams kick started the day with the puck dropping at 6:30 on the dot.In the first game of the day, the Pittsburgh Bandits faced off against the Butler Cobras Black. The Bandits took an early lead finding the back of the net twice before the game was even four minutes in. The buried again with only thirty seconds remaining in the first period going into the intermission with a 3-0 lead. The Butler Cobras battled

  • By Jeremy Ellis We are closing in on the halfway point of the 2013 Moriches Regional.  The rink has been abuzz all day long with non-stop action here and the anticipation of the IIHF Gold Medal Game in Germany.  Interest was high for the action abroad as local boy made good, Team USA Captain, Greg Thompson goes for gold.  Greg cut his teeth through the ranks of NARCh and was looking to add to his medal collection, which included a NARCh Pro championship from 2011.  Team USA did not disappoin

  • By Lonny Lovins Generally coming into a city a day early provides you a good opportunity to rest and prepare for the tourney.  However, on this trip, it has provided me a day to look at one of the nicest cities I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.If you are a fan of Philadelphian architecture, and Canadian hospitality, this might be the perfect place for you.  The downtown area is right on the waterfront, complete with some of the biggest yachts, and definitely the biggest sailboat I hav

  •  By Casey Wedge Buffalo – Night One Wrapped Up After a casual red-eye to Newark followed by an hour and a half layover this morning Itan and me finally made it to Buffalo.With this weekends Buffalo Qualifier taking place in a four-floor building (3 sheets of ice and 1 roller rink) there is nonstop traffic in and out of the rink and the softball fields right outside only add to the movement. Each Squirt team played their first two round robin games tonight and there was one Bantam game to to

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