• By Nick Boyarsky   When I got handed the St. Louis qualifier a few weeks ago I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. I was pretty confident I could handle it, but still not having Daryn or Alex there to hold my hand made me a bit nervous. I was assured after some of the larger events I’d worked so far this year with Winter Nationals and Huntington Beach, this would be an easy weekend full of good roller hockey and even better people. If you read my first blog about our arrival into tow

  • by Alex Morrison It seems like it has been hours and hours since we started today's first game on Long Island.  That's because it has been!  16 hours ago to be exact, and we still have 3 hours to go.  Today's 56 games haven't been short of excitement and some amazing displays of skill.  Daryn and I were commenting earlier about how good some of these players are, and they have brought their best to this regional. In Bantam, the Tour Roadrunners 99 are going to be a solid Platinum team in Flo

  • by Nick Boyarsky   Sometimes what’s supposed to be simple… isn’t. NARCh Videographer Connor McShane and myself left Arizona midday Friday for an easy 3 hour flight into St. Louis. The plan was to land, grab our car and dinner, head to the hotel to check in, then pop into the rink to get set up for an early start Saturday.   All was well until the Hotel check-in which is where things started heading south.  Our room was one bed short of what two grown men required, so we went on

  • Good Morning from Skate Safe! There’s more that goes into a tournament than just instantly appearing at a rink.  Alex and I took the red eye from LAX to Newark, putting us in about 10am yesterday with the time change.  We made it out to LI, got our tournament paper copied at the local Fedex/Kinkos and rink set up by mid afternoon.  We had to fit some games in last night to fit everyone in the schedule, so we kicked off the tourney at 6pm last night. After we wrapped things up last night we

  • by Alex Morrison We are winding down this 4 day event that has had great energy, close games, friendships formed and good times had.  One of my favorite parts of the rink here is the incorporation of the outdoors.  It is nice for us obviously, as we have the beautiful Southern California breeze flowing through the concourse throughout the day, rather than stale rink air, but it is also great for our families that are here.  Kids are able to run around on the grass, picnics are happening all a

  • The 16u Bantam Division was our largest of the event with 24 teams, which is larger than some complete tournaments. Making it to the top of platinum for our championship game were the Raiders Yellow and Militia Black.  We had some unbelievable games, especially through the playoffs.  To get to the platinum championship the Raider defeated the San Jose Inline Sharks in overtime, then the Revision Revolution 01 in a shootout!  I didn’t see the whole championship game, but definitely caught th

  • By Anthony Falette  The midget championships took place last night, with the platinum title up for grabs first.   We’ve had many playoff upsets but not in the midget's top division, as the preliminary top seeds #1 seed Konixx Outcast and #2 seed HB Groove would meet for the title.Scoring began with a turn over breakaway goal by Hunter Tillotson of HB Groove at the half way point of the first half.  There were chances at both ends of the rink, but score stayed tied at 2-2 at the end of reg

  • We’re already crowning champions in some divisions and will be deep into the playoffs by late tonight in many others.  The 10 team squirt division was the first to wrap up and it didn’t lack excitement.  Both gold semi finals took overtime to find winners.  The Revision Revolution 03 defeated the Pama Cyclones 03/04 3-2 on an overtime breakaway and the Revision Vanquish and High Rollers needed a shootout to determine who would advance to the championship.  The Vanquish would take the sho

  • Friday is flying by here in Irvine and I just thought I’d take a moment and share a few of the more memorable moments I’ve witnessed. First game of the event had one of the nicest goals I’ve seen in a while.  Raiders Yellow had a 1-goal lead on the High Rollers, 5-4 with less than a minute to go.  High Rollers pulled their goalie applying tons of pressure with the extra man advantage.  With 12 seconds remaining #88 Logan Corrigan pulled one of the sickest Michigan’s I’ve ever seen.

  • Kicking off a tourney on a Thursday Afternoon is not the norm, but there are a lot of things that aren’t typical with the Irvine Qualifier, in a good way.  268 games will be played over the next 4 days with 40 of the 120 teams traveling a distance to compete.  It honestly feels a lot like a condensed NARCh FINALS.  At least a telling preview.  At one point we will be using the 3 rinks at Huntington as well as the 3 rinks here.  While it’s a bit of a logistical juggle, it was the only wa